Pods: A Great Way To Earn Income On Airbnb

Airbnb is a fast-growing shared economy model valued at 31 billion USD as of May 2017. Offering cheaper alternatives to hotels, Airbnb is increasingly the preferred way to travel and stay across the globe!

A popular investment option

There are more than 150 million users of Airbnb worldwide and cities like Vancouver and San Francisco have widely embraced the concept. More than 640,000 hosts are leveraging the business opportunity by renting out their property. In New Zealand as well more and more people are looking to jump on the Airbnb bandwagon with more than twenty thousand properties listed on the website. While some people are looking at converting the space they already have for Airbnb hosting, others are purposely investing in additional spaces in the form of pods to leverage the rising demand for cheaper stay options. According to 2017 figures, the number of properties listed on Airbnb went up to 2035 September as compared to 1158 in June of 2016!

Low-cost pods a great way to earn income

With high occupancy rates and the rise in tourism, listing your own property on Airbnb is a great idea to earn some extra income. Podlife’s creative pods are the best solutions to earn more while investing less! It is easy to optimize your return on investment with these budget-friendly, low on maintenance but high on quality pods. The best features of Podlife’s pods are that they are easy to clean and maintain being made of galvanized steel and wood laminate flooring. The double glazed windows and doors, high-quality mineral wool insulation in the walls and soundproofing add to the all-round comfort and make these pods perfect for guests and travelers.

Great convenience!

Podlife’s pods also come with wide-ranging décor, design and other customizable options. You can create Airbnb spaces with 10m2 or 15m2 units that come with attached toilets, bathroom, modular kitchen and great quality electrical fittings. Guests would love the extra personal touch that resembles a home stay! Pods are the perfect places to bring in that extra special personal touch – whether it is in terms of added comforts or handmade decorations. The Peter Hay kitchenette that comes with stainless steel insert, drawers and under sink storage is ideal for guests who would love to cook up their favorite dishes while on vacation! The awning in the front adds to the charm of the user friendly space.

Throw in extra seating or barbecue space for your Airbnb guests to have some extra and exclusive fun! When the pods are not being used for Airbnb guests, you can have friends and family over and use the pods for entertaining, dining, partying and much more.