May 13, 2021

How To Declutter & Downsize Into A Tiny Home (With Style)

Downsizing to a tiny home requires some serious decluttering, but it doesn’t have to be daunting! Today we’re looking at how to sort your wants from needs and enjoy the benefits of clutter-free tiny living. View full article →
February 19, 2021

Buying An Airbnb Investment Property? Try A Tiny House!

Tiny houses offer great Airbnb earnings potential, so today we’re looking at why it’s still a great time to invest and how you can become a key player on the world’s leading temporary accommodation website. View full article →
January 14, 2021

(Tiny) Home Away From Home: Why Sophie’s Airbnb Is A Podlife Success Story

Does embarking on an Airbnb enterprise work during a pandemic? Turns out it does! Today we’re learning how this fab Kiwi duo went ahead with this sweet-as Pod set-up, and came out winning. View full article →
November 26, 2020

Off The Grid Living In New Zealand: Everything You Need To Get Started

There are great joys to be found in life’s simple pleasures, so today we’re looking at how you can join the growing trend of Kiwis trading the daily hustle for a peaceful, quiet life “off the grid”. View full article →
September 30, 2020

Tiny Homes vs Mobile Homes, RVs & Trailers: Which Is Right For You?

A Mobile Home? RV? Trailer? Or Pod? As more Kiwis look to enjoy the benefits of a tiny or transportable home, today we’re exploring all the options so you can make an informed choice. View full article →
August 31, 2020

Looking For Land To Rent For A Tiny House or Cabin? Here’s Where!

With many Kiwis still struggling to find a place for their new space, today we’re sharing our go-to list of sites that connect New Zealanders with land to rent or buy for their new tiny home, portable cabin, or container home. View full article →
July 14, 2020

Low-Risk Building Consent Changes: Everything You Need To Know

As the country looks to “Build Back Better” following the COVID-19 lockdown, we’re exploring what the New Zealand Government’s new building consent exemptions mean for Kiwis looking to renovate, expand, or build! View full article →
May 29, 2020

Working From Home? Create The Ideal Home Office In A Small Space

More Kiwis are working from home than ever before, so today we’re sharing some creative tips from our small space experts on creating the perfect home office...even if you’re working with a small space! View full article →
April 17, 2020

Big House Prices? Why Tiny Homes May Hold The Answer

In the first of our new series exploring exciting spaces and the everyday Kiwis who inhabit them, we’re taking a look at why tiny homes may be the answer to New Zealand’s housing affordability crisis. View full article →

Choosing Between Podlife Homes & Shipping Container Rooms

Podlife modular homes do more than cram your lifestyle in a small space. Our modular homes for sale are created unique to your needs and way of life. 

View full article →
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