External Dimensions:

5m2: 1.87m L x 2.435m W x 2.6m H

10m2: 4.10m L x 2.435m W x 2.8m H

15m2: 6.05m L x 2.435m W x 2.8m H

15m2: 5.0m L x 3.0m W x 2.8m H

17m2: 5.7m L x 3m W x 2.8m H

Are Pods insulated and double glazed?

Yes. Pods are fully insulated roof, floor and walls. All windows and sliding doors are double glazed.

Is a Pod a converted Container?

No. All Pod’s are brand new structures built in New Zealand.

Which area do we supply rental Pods?

The Bay of Plenty.

Do we offer Rent to Buy (Finance)?


Do we offer kit set Pods?

No. Pods are constructed in our factory and delivered to your site as a complete building.

How are Pods delivered?

We deliver with our hiab truck.

Do prices include delivery?

No. We can quote delivery to your location.

Where can I see a Pod?

Our display village is located at 2C Gateway Crescent, Whakatane.

How soon can I have a Pod on site?

Our standard lead time is 4-6 weeks. If we have your Pod in stock we can get it out in a matter of days.

Do I need consent for a Pod?

This is dependant on which Pod you choose. If required, Podlife can apply for and manage the consent and consenting process on your behalf. We also have trailer options. Not sure if you need a consent? - give us a call and we can help you work it out.

How does the plumbing work?

The shower, toilet, hand basin and kitchenette are all plumbed to an external point. Once delivered, they will need to be connected to the site services.

How is power supplied to a Pod?

Pods plug in just like a caravan and come with a 15m extension lead. All Pods come with an Electrical Code of Compliance.

Do Pods come with a warranty?

Yes, we have a 10 year workmanship warranty. Any material component not manufactured by Podlife will have the benefit of the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

What is a macerator pump?

It is a small pump that fits internally behind the toilet. It pumps wastewater and sewage through a 32mm pipe up to 100m on flat land and 50m on a slope. It is used when you need to pump waste to services.