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Podwork pods are a more convenient, affordable, flexible and fun alternative to renovating your home or constructing an office from the ground-up. They take up little space, can be moved into small areas, and function as self-sufficient work zones. If you’re ready to discover portable offices in New Zealand, look no further than our fabulous pods.

What can a portable office pod do?

Even though shipping container homes are viable alternatives, they cannot integrate harmoniously – aesthetically and functionally - into an existing property or on a partially developed site. You want your office cabin to feel intimate, as if it were an extension of your home (if you’re interested in a home office) or a professional standalone worksite in your backyard or a carefully hand-picked area on a property.

Our pods help you get the most out of your existing space, no matter how big or small. They turn empty space into functional and liveable areas. Choose our portable offices NZ if you’re looking for the following benefits:
  • Maximizing space utilization
  • Securing acoustic and visual privacy
  • Ensuring a comfortably outfitted site office
  • Providing a decent degree of movement and lingering for users
  • A versatile and fresh solution for your next office cabin

    Why Podlife?

    Podlife is proud to provide office pods that tick all the right boxes and serve as pleasant areas to work and collaborate out of. Our standard specifications include all the features you need from a self-sufficient workplace, with kitchen and bathroom options, depending on the extent of use and time spent in your work/life unit. For more information, feel free to contact us online or call us.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Podwork Pods have almost endless applications:

    Event Offices Event Offices
    Construction Site Office Construction Site Office
    Home Office Home Office
    Hair Salon Hair Salon
    Counselling Space Counselling Space
    Music Tutoring Music Tutoring
    Transient Worker Dorms Transient Worker Dorms
    Camping Cabins Camping Cabins

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