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Enjoy the benefits of a transportable home without the high price tag with a Podlife Pod.

A Podlife Pod is a more flexible, affordable, higher-quality option than many other transportable homes in New Zealand, and a great alternative to traditional portable homes like mobile homes, campervans, RVs, and trailers.

Our Pods are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Simply select either the Mini, 10m, 15m or 17m Pod and then combine it with our fully road-legal trailer add-on as well as other options including a deck, cedar screen, or macerator pump.

From the ease of construction to the customisable designs, Pods are an easy solution to creating the perfect, transportable tiny home. Whatever you need, we have the Pod for you starting from just $10,995.

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Temporary locations, permanent home

While a Podlife Pod may be a permanent asset, its location doesn’t have to be.

Whether you want to move your Pod to a new piece of land down the coast, a new area of your property, or a new off-the-grid corner of the country, wherever you go, your Pod can go too.

With prices starting at $10,995, Podlife makes it easy to secure your own little piece of paradise. All Pods are made with high-quality materials, ensuring your Pod is warm, comfortable, and lasts a lifetime, no matter where it’s located.

An affordable, high-quality alternative to RVs, campervans & trailers

A house on wheels is the ultimate picture of freedom.

After all, what’s not to love about the ability to relocate?

New Zealanders are familiar with traditional options like RVs, campervans, and trailer homes. Compact and functional, these portable options are a popular choice for many Kiwis, but they can be expensive to buy, pricey to maintain, and may never really feel like ‘home’.

Podlife Pods combine the freedom to relocate with all the comforts of home. With our road-legal, fully galvanised tandem axle trailer you can more easily transport your Podlife Pod to your new property, or take it with you when - or if - you need to move in the future.

The best part? From the initial design consultation to the preparation, building, and delivery our team will be there every step of the way helping make the entire process hassle-free. 

Podlife homes can be council approved - we even take care of the approval process.

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Enjoy the freedom of a fully transportable home! Learn more about why our Pods are the preferred option to other portable homes by dropping us a message, calling us on 0800 648 871, or using the Build your Pod tool to the right to request a quote.

Podplay Pods have almost endless applications:

Rumpus Room Rumpus Room
Granny Flat Granny Flat
Pool Room Pool Room
Extra Storage Extra Storage
Bach Bach
Sleep Out Sleep Out

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